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Plugins are extensions as an ipk files that can be installed via the Internet or manually, all plugins are directly installed on the box as extensions and they are also available in the database ready for download!

A current list, descriptions and support for these plugins can be found in Vu+ Support Forum


Multimedia - Video, Music, Pictures, Internet-radio, Libraries, etc.

  • Play / view
  • Manage
  • Edit

Figure and function of the interface influence

  • The skins are the same graphical user interface for plugins.
  • As usual , downloaded via each image feed.
  • See also the database, my Faq's gallery and tips and also software gallery.
    • Skins
    • Plugins for -/ fade out and more ...

EPG / Program Infos / Zapping / Settings

Softcams and Smartcards

Fun & Information & Practical

System - Plugins

Network & Communication

External Hardware / Devices

  • for all connected / associated devices (from printers to Webcams ...)

- Atmolight [1]

AtmoLight is a hardware and software open-source project that enables displayed image content suitable for backlighting of TV or monitor. This type of lighting create a softer contrast between the screen and the background which is very attractive visually and also relaxes for the eyes.

Supported Systems :

The AtmoLight device is connected via USB therefore its usable with a variety of devices.

Related software already exists for the following systems:

   Dreambox: DM800, DM8000, DM7025, DM500HD, 7020HD
   PC Windows: XP, Vista, 7 (x86 und x64)
   PC Linux: XBMC, VDR (for FF cards and Xine-issue)

- Karatelight [2] The Karate Light is developed from the AtmoLight controller.

The main differences are:

   8 instead of 4 output channels
   wider range of colors (12 bits instead of 10)
   Input for a light sensor



Plugins - Collections, lists, feeds

All the downloadable plugins feed for each box :


Also called Plugimanager

In the VTI Image management software and you can find it under :

Extension menu - software management or main menu - settings - get software management.

  • Media Scanner Plugin

Standard in many images

  • CDInfo Plugin

Standard in (almost) all the images , information about the CD.

Apparently plugin doesn't work - just for half completeness - otherwise ask for feedbacks - thx

DMNapi - Polish subtitles downloads, converts them to a format. Srt and displays on the films (with Dream Explorer)


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